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Content vs. the Holidaze: How to Keep it Coming

What on earth do you write about during the holidays? If you’re stumped, you’re not the only one! Holidays are a time for privacy, but also an ideal time to get a more personal message out to your readers -- and their hopeful, positive minds. Holiday blog posts don’t have to be about gift-giving, decorating, and desserts -- here’s a few ideas on how to make your blog post or website content successful, including what to write about, how to structure your writing for SEO, and how to get your best post ranking for a Google featured snippet. C’mon, grab a cognac or an eggnog and follow along!

...But What Should I Blog About?

As the holidays roll around or crash over your head like an marketing tsunami, you may find it difficult to concentrate on blogging or content for your website -- but don’t give up! Let that world around you inspire your posts, digging deeply into the sentiment and storytelling elements of the season. Most people are naturally more open-minded and interested in others during the seasonal festivities, so find a great story that’s grabs you on a personal level (it can even be your own), and share it with your readers.

Before everything gets too crazy, the relatives come to town, or you’re surfing the web for the perfect recipe, prewrite a few holiday blogs with storytelling elements and spruce them up later as you see fit. Try to ignore the cacophony of ideas rolling around in your brain, and focus on one or two things. After all, connection is what the holidays is all about, right?


Tapping into that sense of celebration, hope, and family and friends time can make the best of SEO rankings. Incorporate long form storytelling and lists into each post to draw in the most readers and push your SEO to the limit with holiday terminology that is all-encompassing. Why not engage everyone and show them what your holiday blog post can do? Structure your content with better landing pages, authentic post content, and questions, polls, or stories your readers have shared in the past.

A Festive, Featured, Snippet Ranking

No matter the temptation to check out during the holidays, keep writing quality, seasonal content readers find interesting. To get your holiday blog post ranked for a featured snippet, stay up-to-date with the target search engine, create snippable content sections with images and how-to instructions, feature seasonal commonly-used search query terms (as well as short paragraphs, lists, and tables when necessary), and read other people’s holiday blog posts.

With this recipe for success, you can rest assured (and celebrate) during the holidays that readers aren’t forgetting about your content. Instead, they may engage with it even more. So be prepared, prewrite, and put elements of the season and storytelling into your content. Happy blogging, content writing, and being festive -- see you in the New Year!

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